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Gyroscopic design

The Orbit Winder doesn't simply rotate your watch across a single plane like the average watch winder. Instead, it utilizes a gyroscopic structure to emulate a tourbillon and allows for a free rotation in all directions.

This exceptional design truly sets the Orbit Winder apart from traditional watch winders and allows the motion of the watch to come close to what it would be when worn on a wrist.

Furthermore, this design creates a spectacular appearance resulting in a device that looks like it belongs in an art gallery.

Unparalleled engineering

The Orbit Winder is optimized to run perfectly silent as a result of its brushless motor and state-of-the-art motor controller combination.

In addition to achieving complete silence, this type of motor has a much longer lifespan compared to brushed DC motors used in ordinary watch winders.

A stepless speed selector allows you to perfectly optimize the rotation speed to achieve optimal winding characteristics and the most beautiful rotation pattern.

Simplified controls

Minimalism and elegance are the driving concepts in our design. With one single button on the base, you'll be able to activate two operational modes.

A single press initiates the default mode which rotates the watch for 5 minutes and then stops for 25 minutes, after which the cycle begins again.

The second "display mode" activates with a long press. In this mode, the rotation only stops for 5 minutes between each 5 minute period. After 12 hours there will be a break of 12 hours which enables more rotations during the day and a break during the night.

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