Tech Specs

Orbit Winder™

Orbit Winder is a watch winder unique in style and design. It allows the watch to rotate in any direction closely mimicking the movement of a watch when worn on a wrist.

Orbit Winder comes with a watch stand and a set of weights. The watch stand can be adjusted to match the wrist strap length, and by combining it with correct weights it can be balanced to match the weight of any watch.


The rings are made of polished stainless steel.
The glass dome is made using artisanal mouth-blowing techniques, and may include minor air bubbles.
The material of the base varies by model.

Operation modes

Orbit Winder has a stepless rotation speed selector and two different running modes. The different running modes are:

  • Mode 1: The default operation mode
    • Starts when the start button is pressed quickly.
    • Rotates for 5 minutes and then stops for 25 minutes. The cycle starts again after the pause.
    • Only runs part of the time since this is enough to keep a watch wound.
  • Mode 2: 
    • Activated with a long press (2 seconds) of the start button.
    • Rotates for 5 minutes and then stops for 10 minutes during first 12 hours. After this stops for 12 hours and then starts again from the beginning.
    • Preferable when on display. Can be used to quickly wind the watch. Rotation is stopped for the night when this mode is turned on in the morning.

AC adapter

Orbit Winder comes with a universal AC adapter. It includes an international connector kit so it fits all major sockets around the world.


The diameter of the base is 22 cm (8.7") and the height from the bottom of the base to the top of the glass dome is 23 cm (9.1").


Comes with two year warranty.